Thursday, 3 March 2011

Lucy - a Growing Kitten and her Friends

Lucy Kitten has been with us since November. I found her in a local animal shelter. She and her brother were the remaining two of an abandoned litter.

Despite her difficult beginnings, Lucy is a sweet natured and friendly kitten. Six months old, she has eaten well and grown to more than double her original size. She is catching up fast with the older cats, although her slim features make it unlikely that she will be a large adult. There is something almost Oriental about her profile and her voice has that deeper, throatier quality of a Siamese/ Burmese cat.

Lucy follows me wherever I go. Here, we are waiting for photos to load onto my blog.

She has just caught a Catnip Mouse, again.....

Forest Cat is her best friend. He washes her face every day.

The Ginger Man loves playing on the stairs. A three-way game of feline Tag, up and down, with Forest Cat and Lucy.

When he has had enough, he will lie down and watch the other two. If Lucy gets too bold and jumps on him, she might receive a smart smack from a paw, but there are never claws involved.

Last week, I introduced a collar for the first time. It unclips very easily if caught and is flourescent, in case Lucy wanders out into the lane one evening. It also has a bell, to warn the birds that a predator is around.
Lucy has only been out a few times, with me, but soon I shall have to be brave and let her explore while the two other cats are outside with her.

Lucy now sleeps with the other cats and dogs. Unfortunately, one of the dogs has lost his bed.....


Morning's Minion said...

Cats are such dear and interesting [sometimes exasperating] companions--so involved in sharing our time and activities.
I agree that Lucy's pointy little face and upstanding ears have the look of a Siamese cross--we've had many such hybrids. Another clue is the solid muscle-y body in constrast to the softer form of most domestic cats.
Whatever her background, Lucy is a love.

Angie said...

lucy is beautiful We only let 5 of ours out but Toto wants to venture out. He tried to escape a few weeks ago and headed to wards the front gate and road. Luckily he was distracted by an old lavender bush so I caught him ...I so worry about those that go out and I will hate the first few times with him as he's no the brightest and tries to make friends with everyone ...whether they want to be friends or not.

Karen said...

None of my three go out at all. Not interested and I'm relieved as I live right on a road that seems to be a training track for the local NASCAR crowd. So, they all watch the world through the sliding glass door as they grow very, very old (one is 16 and the other two are 14 y.o.).

Rowan said...

Lovely photos, Lucy is a really pretty cat.

WOL said...

I have the only survivor of an abandoned litter. Stormie's a little girl, too. Like Lucy, she is slender and small. There is an adjective "gracile" that applies to her exactly. I expect it fits Miss Lucy down to the ground, too. I'm glad Lucy has made friends. With Forest Cat on her side, I expect the others will fall in line.

Crafty Green Poet said...

what lovely cats you have! I'm glad that they all get on!

Thanks for your comments on my blog. About the beech and hazel, you're right they were hazel catkins, some beech species have catkins like that but not ours!