Saturday, 11 June 2011

June Evening On Sandbanks Beach

Down by the sea wall, just beside the chain ferry that crosses Poole Harbour , we scrambled over rocks and walked along the waterfront. Small boats were racing home from a day of sailing, up through the harbour entrance and into safer waters for the night.

Fishermen prepared for a long wait.

Across the blue water to Shell Bay, with Ballard Down beyond.

Looking eastwards, the white cliffs of Tennyson Down, on the Isle of Wight, shone against blue sea.

Smart little boat.....

Limpets on rocks at the water`s edge.

A pleasure boat brings tourists home .

Old Harry Rocks

A sandcastle slips away, claimed by the licking waves.

Flotsam and jetsam

Across the bay to Bournemouth .

Some traditional Sandbanks houses, where lovely old sea gardens reach down to the sandy beach.

An old, stiff golden labrador took himself for a swim....

...and seemed much livelier as he walked on up the beach to reach his family.

A last look towards Bournemouth....

....and a strange old face in an oyster shell.


WOL said...

Nothing like a day at the beach -- such lovely blue water. I'll take one of those lively little sailboats -- oh, and a lively young helmsman to steer it, please. The dog reminds me of poor old Mikey, my dear friends' dog, whom they had to send on ahead last Wednesday. For Labs and lurchers, a beach must be pretty close to a doggie heaven on earth.

ChrisJ said...

A lovely day at the beach!

Kath said...

wow such a blue sky!
I see what you mean about the face in the shell.

Mum said...

I blog jumped from Frugal Queen to your blog today. I'm glad that someone else finds faces at the beach. This beach has hundreds of faces looking at you while you walk!

It's great being retired isn't it? My weekend always had a 'do preparation work' time. I don't miss it at all and like you enjoy walking and marvelling at life around me.

Love from Mum

Rowan said...

The face in the oyster shell is so clear! It looks really nice, how lovely to have all that on your doorstep.

Bovey Belle said...

The shell reminded me of a seal's face!

Oh, the sea air and the beach. HOW I enjoyed that blog-stroll with you.

Shades of Enid Blyton thereabouts too . . .

Isabelle said...

How lovely! Up here in Scotland we haven't been enjoying that blue sky and warm sunshine, and the weather is fantastic for snails - grr. My hostas are exceedingly lacy.