Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Another Look at Edmondsham

A few more photos taken as we walked around the rest of Edmondsham House gardens in a fine drizzle.

The drive winds its way through tall mature trees.

Above our heads there were numerous clumps of mistletoe growing among the branches of lime trees.

A strange collection of topiarised bushes that looked as though they could come alive and start moving on a moonlit night!

The drive winding on towards the back gates of the garden. In the trees to the left was a shallow pool, half hidden in a dell shaded with weeping willows.

The Church of St Nicholas , which is the parish church for the small village of Edmonsham, is just a short walk away from the House, through an iron gate in the garden boundary fence. The church has its origins in the 12th Century. The north aisle dates from the 14th Century while the nave and the tower were built in the 15th Century. The Victorians "modernised" the church in 1862 but there is still an ancient simplicity about the building and a timeless peace inside.

The mixed stone and flint composition of the walls is similar to that of nearby Wimborne Minster.

We walked back through the gardens and passed the elegant red bricked Coach House and Stables, where the carriage horses of Edmondsham House would have lived in earlier times. The building now houses the Estate Office .

Across the boundary fence towards the rear of Edmondsham House, a vast hayfield of waving grasses stretched away towards the woods.


Dartford Warbler said...

Thanks to everyone for all your visits and comments. I love that feeling of connection with people from all over the world and I do enjoy return visits to your blogs!

Karen said...

DW: Here's a little funny story - My blog roll split Edmondsham into Edmonds ham and so I came thinking "Food!"

But what I got was better than food, a stroll though a lovely garden and a look at buildings that are just so interesting and which I wish I could go inside and see.

Thank you.

angryparsnip said...

What a beautiful walk and the drizzle only makes it sound so much better.
Too bad about the mistletoe, I have the gardener walk my property once a year to cut off all the mistletoe in the trees. When left alone it can destroy a tree so fast.
I loved the photo and your comments about the strange collection of topiarised bushes. I can see them dancing in the moonlight.

Lovely post

cheers, parsnip

Ragged Robin said...

Some beautiful trees at the gardens and I love the magical topiarised bushes. The old church looks very interesting too. Looks a lovely place to wander around.

Toffeeapple said...

Isn't it lovely to see beautiful buildings like those? So much built nowadays won't looks as good or probably last as long.

Morning's Minion said...

I was charmed by the photo of the clock-tower building. It looks as though a 'face' had been drawn with the contrasting inlay of bricks.
Those sheared bushes make me think of the childhood game of 'statues' where one person hides their face while the others creep forward and then must 'freeze' when the 'leader' cries out.