Monday, 25 February 2013

New Beach Huts and the Red Arrow Pilot`s Memorial

A few photos taken by Mr DW on our beach walk. These are the new beach huts that have recently appeared along the eastern promenade at Bournemouth. We loved the colours, in shades of sand, sea, sky and sunsets.

Up on the East Cliff, we found the new sculpture dedicated to the memory of the young Red Arrows pilot, Jon Egging. He died when his aircraft crashed into farmland, soon after the Red Arrows completed a fantastic aerobatic display over Poole Bay for the 2011 Bournemouth Air Show. His shocking death was felt by everyone in our area as the Red Arrows are a familiar sight in the skies over Dorset and the New Forest every summer.

The day before the crash, I was standing in a New Forest field when the Red Arrows passed overhead and then completed their amazing Diamond Nine formation over the valley beyond. They often practice over open space in the Forest when they are based at Bournemouth Airport prior to displays on the South Coast. The loss of one of their highly skilled pilots, the very next day, was awful, and so incredibly sad for his young wife and his parents.

Click on the photo to enlarge if you would like to read the inscription.


Louise said...

oh yes it was so sad to hear about Jon Egging in the news, and wasn't there a second death too, shortly after?

Those beach huts are fabulous though, I love the colours they have chosen, a brilliant idea!

Angie said...

Firstly I have to say that that memorial is stunning will make sure he will never be forgotten.

Secondly those are the nicest beach huts I have seen... love the colours and that they suit their surroundings so well.

Kath said...

what a lovely tribute. I remember hearing about his death on the radio, we were stunned. Thankyou for sharing those lovely photos, I had wondered how Jon Egging was to be commemorated.

Mum said...

The story is so sad. The Red Arrows regularly perform in Blackpool and they swoop down round our houses so close we have to put our fingers in our ears.
Love from Mum

The Weaver of Grass said...

Vert beautiful DW and a fitting tribute - he died doing what he loved best and that is all that matters really.

ann @ studiohyde said...

Must admit those beach huts make for a lovely sight, like a rainbow of colours along the seafront. We will be back that way before long and will wander down to look at them.

The loss of the Red Arrows pilot was shocking, I think they have since said it was a fault with the aircraft!

Em Parkinson said...

What a lovely memorial. The Red Arrows are part of all our consciousnesses whether we like it or not.

Stunning beach huts too. How long they'll stay that pristine remains to be seen!

Toffeeapple said...

That is a beautiful memorial to the young pilot.

And what super colours on the beach huts. I wonder how much they cost?

thelma said...

Those beach huts remind me of the shade colours of paint when you go to mix a special colour, beautiful.

It was very sad the loss of the Red Arrow pilot, they are so much a part of our life..

crafty cat corner said...

Just love the beach huts and also the red arrows sculpture.
I've always fancied a beach hut but here in Brighton you need a mortgage to get one. lol

WOL said...

There's a poem called "High Flight"
Very fitting.

Bovey Belle said...

What a beautiful memorial which absolutely sums up the Red Arrows and their dare-devil flying, and a fitting tribute to Jon Egging.

I loved the rainbow colours of the huts. The older I get, the more colour I need in my life - those cheered me up no end.

rachel said...

A lovely memorial.

And such jolly beach huts!

Down by the sea said...

Those beach huts look stunning I love the way the shade changes gradually. I will have to take a look sometime.

The Red arrow crash was dreadful, we have walked in the field that the plane crashed, I'm glad they have created a memorial. Sarah x

The Seat Bottomer said...

What a beautiful memorial. The arrows pass over our house as they return to base from the performances in Bournemouth, a magnificent sight. We remember the day of the crash, so tragic, so sad for his family.

I must make a trip to see those lovely huts and the sculpture, thanks for the photos.

BilboWaggins said...

Whoever chose those paint colours was inspired. The huts look fabulous and I bet they make people smile as they walk past.

Hope it will be maintained like that over the years.

Beautifully designed memorial.