Monday, 23 June 2014

June Tree Following in a Midsummer Garden

A late Tree Following post this month. The crab apple is in full leaf, casting dappled shade beneath it.
All around, the garden is in bloom,  full of the scent of roses, pinks and philadelphus.

Looking upwards, the crab apple`s canopy allows the light to shine on lower branches.

There are precious few crab apples ripening this year. Last year`s crop was the heaviest we have seen.

Grasses and wild flowers grow in the strip where daffodils are dying back.

The crab apple mingles its leafy branches with its neighbour, a red flowered horse chestnut.....

....which is growing a good crop of conkers for  squirrels to bury in the autumn.

In a nearby border, a beautiful peony is at its best.

Self sown foxgloves, woundwort, teasel and soapwort mix with  roses and purple clematis.

The white cranesbill geranium is growing on an old ant hill, which gives it a rounder, higher shape than usual.

Rosa Gallica and a visiting honey bee.

Self sown feverfew, foxgloves and poppies among roses and rhubarb in a raised border.

Poppy in sunlight

The Seagull Rose that is almost at the top of its host, a conifer tree.

White dusty Miller with its silver leaves....

....and its vibrant pink cousin, Rose Campion.


The Weaver of Grass said...

Love that rose campion.

My Alexander Girault is at its best too - it is certainly the best time for roses.

ann @ studiohyde said...

Lovely to see how everything has come to life and colour in our gardens now isn't it.

Toffeeapple said...

What a lovely garden you have. I like that Dusty Miller.

amanda peters said...

Your garden is beautiful , love the patch with the Foxgloves, and lovely photos.
Amanda xx

Bovey Belle said...

Your garden looks so lovely and I love the way you have wild flowers in with the "tame" ones. It looks great and is so welcoming to bees and other insects.

Ragged Robin said...

Your garden is looking so lovely - the Rose Campion is beautiful and I do like the patch with the foxgloves.

Em Parkinson said...

That Peony is exquisite and I love the Dusty Miller too.