Friday, 15 January 2016

Daffodils and Ice

The wind has changed and winter has arrived. Temperatures have dropped and there is a chill in the air.
In a sheltered corner of the garden, there are daffodils in flower.

A closer look shows that something has eaten part of a petal.

Hazel buds and catkins shine against the sky.

In recent high winds and stormy nights, a main branch has cracked away from the trunk of an old conifer.

When the tree man comes, we may need to fell it all.

Another Lenten hellebore flowers early.

Ice covers the pools and puddles in a field where rain water drains away.

A white camelia blooms in a sheltered corner. Again, something has been eating its petals.

The berberis has been fooled into early flower.......

...although crocus spikes are making a more timely appearance.

The Slate Grey Dog still has mud on her paws after a cold, fresh walk on the heath.

She curled up at my feet while I made a crumble with frozen garden blueberries and apples.

Out in the fields at feeding time, the sun had just dipped away. Salmon pink clouds drifted in on the cold north easterly air, above bare winter trees.

 Thanks to everyone for your comments on my last post. Just to reassure everyone -Woody was not unhappy for long! He had laminitis several years ago so he needs a smaller field and a careful watch on his diet.


Simon Douglas Thompson said...

Our metalwork teacher used to eat flowers when he did his very evangelical assemblies at school

Louise said...

Thanks for your comment - good to see you blogging again! I've noticed daffodils here too, green shoots appearing, but not flowering yet!

angryparsnip said...

Goodness what beautiful ice puddles.
But the Lovely Slate Grey gud dug is the best.

cheers, parsnip and thehamish

SeagullSuzie said...

I'm glad Woody is ok. Beautiful skies and a great look at your area in January. I found ice yesterday on a pond and it's pretty cold here this morning.

Bovey Belle said...

Lovely photos. Hope to see it all in person again next week. Warmer and back to rain here today, and I don't want snow until I can get back home to enjoy it!

Crafty Green Poet said...

It's a shock to the system to have such cold weather now after a mild start to winter!

Hope your tree survives!