Thursday, 12 May 2016

Tyger, Tyger.......

Thank you to everyone who commented on my last post. Most people seem of a like mind. There is a feeling of discomfort at watching wild animals enclosed, however good and humane their treatment. On the other hand, conservation and the global breeding programmes for endangered species are essential if these creatures are to be protected for the future.

I have always felt unsure about keeping the Big Cats in captivity. I know it has to be done, but they do seem to exhibit pacing and other stereotypical behaviour. Having said that, the Siberian/Amur Tigers, the leopards and the cheetahs at Marwell are all in superb condition.

This beautiful Amur Tiger was viewed at close quarters through a tough, transparent wall.
It followed the fence line around to the small pond and then looked at its own reflection in the water.
The photograph below reminds me of the tiger in Judith Kerr`s wonderful children` book, 'The Tiger Who Came to Tea'.


angryparsnip said...

Wonderful photos.

cheers, parsnip

Crafty Green Poet said...

such a beautiful tiger,

The Weaver of Grass said...

It is always a difficult one isn't it DW? They are such beautiful animals and yet if they are dying out in the wild I suppose it is our duty to protect then where we can,

amanda peters said...

Beautiful animals, if we can educate just a few through keeping them and they go on to help the animal in the wild it's worth it I think.
Amanda xx