Wednesday, 28 October 2009

Down the lane to Linford

The long way home around a narrow lane that winds downhill,out of the town and down into oak woods and a green valley. Pastures where a commoning farmer grazes his ponies. Deep broadleaved woodlands where oak, birch and beech are turning to brown and gold. Inclosures where young trees can grow without harm from grazing stock. A barking dog and the scent of woodsmoke rising from the chimney of a cottage in the lane.

Across pasture land to the turning oaks of Linwood.

A pony grazing the green at Linford Bottom.

Young beeches turn to autumn gold in Linford inclosure.

A track to the moor just north of Picket Post.

An old bay mare and her chestnut colt foal wander and feed by the lane at Linford.


Bovey Belle said...

Lovely photos as always. You're getting lots of walking done. I really MUST get a walk in later to burn off some of the chocolate pear pudding I had yesterday!

Morning's Minion said...

Autumn appears to be a gentle and prolonged season where you are. With so much early snow and cold, I think we missed having a "fall" in our part of the world.
I'm feeling concern that the antelope herds may have been caught in their migration to lower winter ground from the high mountain grazing---it is brutal on the passes. It will be a long winter for the herds of wild horses.