Tuesday, 6 October 2009

Wet October Days


I`ve brought you nuts and hops;
And when the leaf drops, why, the walnut drops.
Crack your first nut and light your first fire,
Roast your first chestnut crisp on the bar;
Make the logs sparkle, stir the blaze higher,
Logs are as cheery as sun or as star,
Logs we can find wherever we are.
Spring one soft day will open the leaves,
Spring one bright day will lure back the flowers;
Never fancy my whistling wind grieves,
Never fancy I`ve tears in my showers:
Dance, night and days! And dance on my hours!

Christina Rossetti

A young sweet chestnut tree, heavy with ripening nuts last week.

Yesterday evening - rain filled clouds across the open Forest, with a faint, bright band of late light over distant western hills. It had rained for much of the day. At home, wet ponies were glad of their evening hay. Cats and dogs peered out at the unfamiliar rain and stayed warm in the dry house.


Bovey Belle said...

Well, we needed the rain on a practical basis, but not much fun having to do outside jobs in it! Loved the Christina Rossetti poem - I found a book of her poetry this week, a leftover from when my girls were studying her work for Eng. Lit. (principally Goblin Market).

Anonymous said...

I discovered your blog through Codlins & Cream and am so glad I did, for I love rural localities and once wrote an article on visiting parts of the New Forest - the eastern side. I shall be following your postings from now on.

Dartford Warbler said...

Thank you Wild Somerset Child, and welcome!

I am still in the very early stages with this. My IT skills are being stretched every day and I still get frustrated by "losing" things and not understanding what I am supposed to do next. Despite this ,I am enjoying the challenge.

Bovey Belle, I have a little copy of Goblin Market, "returned" to me as I had sent it to my elderly aunt. It was there among her precious books that we collected after she had died.