Monday, 24 January 2011

Five Minutes on Bournemouth Beach

Last Sunday was a cold, dry day. After a family outing to the Oceanarium, we walked across the sand towards the sea. Across Poole Bay, white chalk cliffs at Old Harry`s Rock rose up into the gently sloping hill of Ballard Down.

A few, well wrapped up people were out for a walk along the beach and children played under the archways of the pier.

A kite had fallen to earth.

The air was hazy to the west, where the wooded, sandy cliffs meet the sea at Canford Cliffs.

Gentle surf broke with a surging rush of foam that sizzled up the sand.

Stones and shells lay in a line at the water`s edge........

........ and someone`s stout little dog explored damp sand, well prepared to face the cold!


Bovey Belle said...

Loved the sizzling foam - just what it does! I bet that walk blew the cobwebs away good and proper.

WOL said...

Love the dog in the hoodie!

Kath said...

LOL I loved the little "hoodie".
Like you, I love the beach out of season, the windswept purity of it all. It's such fun that the dogs can let rip without galloping through peoples pic-nics and stealing childrens footballs!