Sunday, 5 August 2012

At the End of the Rainbow

Last Sunday, a rainbow ended on the flooded watermeadows of the River Avon , just north of Christchurch. The meadows were crowded with feeding gulls and several lapwing.

This Sunday, the rainbow seems to have ended in a pot of gold medals for Team GB in the Olympics! I have never been a sporty person but I`m completely in awe of the amazing performances of the athletes competing in the London Olympic Games. I hope they are all enjoying it as much as the millions of spectators watching them around the world.


Ragged Robin said...

Love the photo!

Enjoying the Olympics too - so glad that Team GB is doing so well :) All incredibly exciting!

Down by the sea said...

We certainly seem to have a pot of gold this weekend! We saw Ben Ainslie win this afternoon the crowds watching were huge.
Sarah x