Monday, 29 October 2012

Forest Ponies on the Green

On a weekend walk under overcast skies, I found two nieces of our New Forest geldings , grazing out on a village green. Young Ginger looks so much like her Uncle Ginger back in the field. She belongs to a commoning neighbour and was the last foal for Ginger and Woody`s mother, who died several years ago.

Little Grey was with them. She came over to "chat".

She is expecting her first foal.

The yellow-green leaves of a garden hornbeam brought light to a dull day.

This cottage thatch has overgrown with wisteria.

Snowy is always somewhere around the village.....

....and her friend the black mare is never far away.

Back in the garden, I photographed autumn colours before the rain came and leaves began to drop.

The beautiful red, heart shaped leaves of the Rain Forest Pansy will be gone all too soon.

Today, Monday, the rain blew over the Forest on a soft south westerly wind. I have been thinking of everyone across the Atlantic tonight, especially Bloggers in the Eastern Seaboard States. Hoping that you all stay safe throughout the next stormy days and nights of Hurricane Sandy..


angryparsnip said...

I love the way "Snowy is always somewhere around the village... and her friend the black mare is never far away" beautiful garden.
For me, living here in the Sonoran Desert, you live in a wonderland.

cheers, parsnip

bellaboo said...

Lovely pictures as always.
We stopped of at Fritham in the New Forest on our way back from Devon and had a drink at the little pub.
The sun is shining this morning,hope it is where you are too.
Bellaboo X

crafty cat corner said...

Love the ponies.
Isn't Autumn such a lovely time of year?

Em Parkinson said...

Interesting to see how much less furry the NF ponies are compared with the Dartmoors so far. Even Trigger is furring up nicely. I'm sure they'll catch up in a few weeks though. Little Grey is absolutely beautiful. Lovely, lovely pictures.

The Weaver of Grass said...

Lovely pictures DW. Aren't we lucky to live in an area where hurricanes don't arrive out of the blue. I keep thinking of various friends there and hoping they are alright.

Down by the sea said...

It must be so lovely to get to know the ponies who roam around your village. I always enjoy your lovely pictures if the New Forest.
Sarah x

WOL said...

I'm 1500 miles inland from the Atlantic, and 600 miles inland from the Gulf of Mexico. Hurricanes are not the kind of circular storms I have to deal with. Bad enough to have to cope with the flooding and damage of a hurricane, but for those poor folks to have to do it in winter weather is doubly rotten.

I always enjoy pictures of the ponies.

Crafty Green Poet said...

what lovely horses and such pretty autumn colours!

Rowan said...

I always enjoy seeing and hearing about the ponies, one of these days I must visit the New Forest and see them for myself.