Tuesday, 6 November 2012

In November Morning Sun

The ground frost of early morning melted quickly today, as the sun came up. Light from the east shone through canopies of leaves on the lime tree near the pond.

A solitary rose, its outer petals nipped by the cold, stood out against tree ivy clambering up a fence.

On a rare, blue skied morning, the reds and golds of the Liquid Amber gave an illusion of health and vigour on the side that faced the sun.

On its sheltered side, the wounded trunk still shows its scars and the whole awaits reshaping by a tree surgeon when its leaves have gone.

A Red Admiral butterfly escaped my camera as it flew in fits and starts among holly leaves. This bush by the Forest gate is one of the few that has berries this autumn. When migrant thrushes arrive on the next east wind, the berries will soon be gone.

Jay and the Grey One were finishing their breakfast hay as I walked the field boundaries to check the fences.

The others were enjoying a morning drink.

Oak, beech and holly mingle in the old, overgrown hedgerow between field and  Forest heath.

The beech trees are at their most beautiful now...........

....but the upper canopies have lost their leaves to recent winds. Beech mast is scarce this year, but  there is promise in new buds for next spring, shining silver against a cold, blue sky in the pale November sunlight.


Anns Art said...

Really enjoyed seeing these photos and how you have captured the colours of Autumn, it is a very pretty time. Love how the horses by the trough are looking at you, wonder what they're thinking....extra feed perhaps? or 'hope she's remembered to take the lense cap off the camera'!

Mum said...

Such beautiful colours of autumn.
Love from Mum

The Weaver of Grass said...

Absolutely beautiful post and photographs DW. Those ponies look so well looked after - lucky things.

Down by the sea said...

Your liquid amber tree looks huge and beautiful, how lucky that the damage can not be seen in some directions. I love the colours too of those beech leaves.
Sarah x

Em Parkinson said...

We have very few trees with any leaves left at all so it's lovely to see your pictures.

Karen said...

We were just brushed by the edges of Sandy last week, but it was enough to cause winds of 50+ mph and take out most of our leaves. So it is so nice to see your trees in autumn color and a bright sunny day where here it is gray and overcast.

Bovey Belle said...

Lovely photos and good to see the boys looking so well and enjoying their hay.

I hope your Liquid Amber tree will be restored to a beautiful shape again when the Tree Surgeon has been.

Not many berries round here on ANYTHING this year, so the birds are going to have a hard time of things this winter.

Isabelle said...

How beautiful. You're so lucky to live somewhere so rural.

Morning's Minion said...

I somehow missed this post when it came up, so I'm delighted to take the walk-about this morning.
Our 'sweet gum' tree is first cousin to your Liquid Amber--a variety new to us when we moved here. The branches seem easily damaged by even a moderate wind--our tree is now quite mis-shapen from losing several big limbs.