Friday, 27 December 2013

Between the Storm Showers

Another storm passed through in the night. For those on lower ground, who live near the major rivers of Southern England, these winter storms have brought flooded homes, power cuts and a miserable Christmas season. 

We are half way down a gentle slope that leads from the moorland of the open New Forest and down towards village lanes.

Water flows down and collects for a while, before finding a path through ditches and drains, to the bottom of the hill. Woody`s field has gained its usual "pond" over recent days..............

.........with run-off from the fields flowing through the garden, the wild pond and back towards an old drainage ditch between us and our neighbours` land.

Out on the Forest, water has found numerous pathways downhill, bringing down sand and gravel in brownish, peaty streams.

 A nearby track has a deep gully gouged into one side, which makes driving difficult for all but the toughest 4x4 vehicles.

On the morning of Christmas Eve, gravel from the track had washed away to reveal old foundations of brick and rubble.

The hollow way across the heath is marked as a track on maps which are several centuries old. Now it is used by a few walkers, but quickly turns to a stream in wet weather.

A few gorse flowers brighten the heath.

Red wilding crab apples are a welcome source of food for birds.

I saw several redwing, song thrushes and blackbirds feeding beneath these wilding apples. Most of the sour, green fruit has fallen in the strong winds of recent days and nights.

The sky began to darken and spit with rain, so I abandoned my walk. Within an hour, the old beech tree in the hedge was swaying and creaking again as another rain storm blew in from the South West.


The Weaver of Grass said...

Beautiful post and wonderful photographs. We have a storm here today but you lot down there is the South west have had it so much worse. Lucky for you that little bit of higher ground means you have escaped the worst. Happy new year to you.

Jenny said...

What a wet Xmas! I don't know how my house didn't flood, as we're surrounded by flat fields and there's a stream that's just managed not to overflow behind us! The roads are flooded, and my landlady's conservatory is under water, but we're dry. Such a shame for those whose celebrations have been ruined.

Bovey Belle said...

We had a gale last night but not too much rain, so the rivers are falling and floods receding now.

I loved the photos of your bit of the Forest, as I feel I know each tree so well (fruiting ones especially!) and it's nearly as good as being there.

I used to think it was Dorset that I missed more than anything, but I know now that it is the Forest.

I'm surprised that the last of the crab apples are only just dropping, but I suppose it has been relatively mild so far.

Keep warm and dry beside the fire.

Mum said...

I do so love these walks with you.
Love from Mum

Toffeeapple said...

I am fortunate enough to live at the top of a hill and all the lowland around me has balancing lakes that take away any excess water. It is a super system.

ChrisJ said...

I so love seeing the English countryside again -- good or bad weather. Sometimes the bad weather makes it seem more real. I'm sure you know the saying "When gorse is out of bloom, kissing's out of fashion." I was just reminded of it when reading "This England" magazine. We have had weeks of gorgeous weather with no let up in sight. So unusual to have more than two or three days like this in the winter. My husband is outside watering the garden right now because the humidity has been so low. This weather comes to us when the wind changes and comes from the desert instead of the ocean.

Down by the sea said...

We too have had lots of rain. Your pictures look beautiful despite the damage.
Sarah x

Em Parkinson said...

Looks like you're getting it pretty bad there. We have those gouged out gullies here too, but are used to them. Glad you're safe and sound. Lovely pics!

Ragged Robin said...

Lovely photos. I do enjoy going on walks with you :) We seem to have escaped the worst here although it has been very wet and windy at times.

Vintage Tea Time said...

Lovely photos - though I expect some of your neighbours on lower ground have had some difficult times. Wonderful 'big sky' here tonight.

Crafty Green Poet said...

beautiful photos, it's been stormy on and off up here, but nowhere near as bad as down south

Isabelle said...

Only one rainy day up here. Thanks for your comment. We feel very old... Stay dry!