Tuesday, 31 December 2013

After the Storm had Passed

Rain is falling in torrents  this morning. I just managed to feed the animals and walk the dog before the sky darkened again.
Yesterday, after a rainy night and morning, we had a few hours of reprieve before sunset.
Out on a walk with old Whisper Dog, we had to paddle through large puddles where ditches blocked with leaves had overflowed.

We met some wet New Forest ponies, grazing on the green.

Some were feeding on holly..........

.... or finding grass beneath fallen oak leaves.

One pony decided to follow a village friend on her walk.

The hill slope was wet underfoot.

Forest pools on the hill were full again.

Down on the moor, and across to the Bronze Age burial mounds, watery sunshine lit up pools and puddles.

Golden rusts and dark umber browns were beautiful in the sunlight.
Whisper Dog enjoyed his slow, careful walk. We lost his companion, Old Dog, eighteen months ago. Whisper carries on, despite arthritis, and had his fifteenth birthday in November.

Whisper has always hated being photographed. He thinks the camera will steal his soul.
I managed to take take todays photos from a distance and while he was preoccupied!

The day`s grey blanket of storm clouds passed into the east and north, leaving us a precious hour or two of sunshine.

The trunks of old oaks on the hill are often wrapped around with their undercanopy of holly.

Roots of an oak that fell in late summer winds.

 Walking back again, through winter sunshine and long shadows........

....we passed quiet ponies who still munched holly in the shelter of trees beside the lane.


Bovey Belle said...

I remember that walk, but it's warmer (and drier!) in May!

I am not cut out for walking far at present, but am hoping that will soon change with the New Year, for the better.

The ponies on the Forest are looking quite well for the time of year.

Keep dry!

Mum said...

Best wishes to you and yours for the coming year.
Love from Mum

Jenny said...

Those brief glimpses of sun make so much difference! I wish for sunny, frosty days!

crafty cat corner said...

What a beautiful post, I was transported to the walk with you.
You asked about the Plum Brandy, it will be ready in about 3-4 months, we have to give it a shake every couple of days. We have made Sloe
Gin before and it was delicious so am hoping that this will be the same. Might be good for a cold ?
Have a healthy and contented 2014.

Kath said...

May 2014 bring you all good things xx

Ragged Robin said...

A lovely post with some great photos - I do enjoy sharing your walks :)

Have a Happy and Healthy 2014 :)

Louise said...

Beautiful photos.
Happy New Year to you.

angryparsnip said...

The ponies look good there must be enough shelter for them.
As I have said before, you live in a beautiful place.
Happy New Year.

cheers, parsnip

WOL said...

Happy New Year! I wish I had as nice a place to walk as you do. All I can manage is a walk down to the park two blocks away -- a big park with a big lake, but not very many trees. It's about knee deep in Canada geese at this time of year.

The Weaver of Grass said...

We have a collie of similar age as well as Tess my Border terrier. Our collie, Tip, sometimes sleeps all day and so misses his walk. He doesn't always eat his food but will always eat tit-bits (the left over pigs in blankets at Christmas were gone in a flash). While he is able to walk and seems to enjoy life we shall allow him to continue.

Lovely pictures as usual.

Em Parkinson said...

Those ponies look as bedraggled as ours do here poor things. Great photos of your wonderful part of the world. Happy New Year!

Isabelle said...

What a lovely walk.

It's not really been stormy here. Yet.