Saturday, 4 January 2014

Stormy Sunset and a Flooded Garden

Another night and day of unrelenting rain. At least the wind has dropped, for now.

We had a dry hour, just before sunset, so we walked the dog up onto the saturated heath.
The sun dropped towards the horizon. Storm clouds stretched away towards the west. More bands of heavy rain are due to reach us overnight.

Before the light went, we took photos of the garden. All the drainage systems have been overwhelmed. The lane outside is pouring water like a natural stream.


Bovey Belle said...

OMG - you have had it FAR FAR worse than anywhere around here! For some reason, much of the time in the past year or so the weather has avoided us and gone your way.

Good grief, and you are on sand and gravel too, so should drain quicker than our shales and clay.

Well, I don't envy you pushing your feed wheelbarrow through THAT and you'll have to fit the field shelter with a plughole methinks!

I really loved the atmospheric photos of your walk and the reflections of the sunset in the puddles.

Morning's Minion said...

Your landscape is sodden indeed! I fret over the wild animals in prolonged spells of wet and cold. They have little choice beyond patient endurance.

Kath said...

What beautiful skies!
We don't have any flooding being on a hill, but scenes like those in your garden are a common site around the town. The river here over flowed before xmas and the ground seems to be saturated.

Louise said...

The skies looks lovely, but no so much the garden... I hope it will dry out and not cause too much trouble.

The areas around here don't suffer much from flooding at all, it all happens further south, we just get field that become ponds in places for a few days.

Countryside Tales said...

Oh my goodness, you have far more standing water than us. Being on a hill helps- the lane is a river but the garden is OK.

WOL said...

I wish there was a way we could take at least half that rain off your hands. We're still drought dry here. It's really a bad business when it rains harder and faster than the ground can absorb. I worry about the wild animals too. Especially the little birds. They cannot feed in the pouring rain, and more than a day or so without being able to feed can finish them off. I hope the ponies don't suffer any ill effects from all that water.

crafty cat corner said...

Thanks for the comment on the 50th. In answer to your comment on not being old enough, I was married when I was 17 and Tom 23, our eldest was born at Christmas and so will be 50 this coming year.
I can't believe it, its all gone by so fast.

Crafty Green Poet said...

Beautiful sky shots, but that's an awful lot of rain. We've had a fair bit of wet weather up here but nowhere near as much.

Down by the sea said...

Your garden looks so flooded with all that rain. I took my daughter back to Uni in Southampton and it looked bad by Wimborne and around the New Forest. Hope the next few days don't bring too much more rain!
Sarah x

Em Parkinson said...

That first one is just stunning. Happy New Year...again I think. I'm getting confused now.

SeagullSuzie said...

Oh it's so sad to see your garden underwater like that, I'd be so upset. I can't sleep when it's very windy here as I worry about what I'm going to find damaged in the morning.
I'm more worried about landslips and subsidence here, there are caves under this whole chunk of land.
Wonderful skies.

Ragged Robin said...

Beautiful photos of the sky :) but I am so sorry to hear of your flooded garden :( I do hope weather conditions improve for you soon.

Although we've had a lot of rain here its not too bad although luckily the house and garden is half way up a hill.