Saturday, 21 November 2009

A Cross Dog Story!

I was driven indoors today by sheets of rain and wind, so I spent a while looking through some old family papers in one of the boxes of odds and ends in the attic. I found a yellowing copy of The Lincolnshire Times, dated Saturday 8th October, 1960. My Lincolnshire Granny had sent it to my mother, as it had a small report of my Grandad`s funeral. However, this story on the front page caught my eye. I hope it managed to cheer Mum up at what must have been a sad and difficult time for her. She had been very close to her father, who died suddenly at the age of sixty eight.

I have changed the name of the lady with the dog, in case she is still alive.....

Didn`t Know He Was a Policeman!

Defending a dog at Scunthorpe Magistrates Court, Mr H.M. Winocour said
"PC Cross was not in uniform, so the dog did not know he was a policeman. It would not have bitten him if it had known."

Mr Winocour was appearing on behalf of Mrs A... G........ of Scunthorpe, who was charged with keeping a dangerous dog. She was ordered to pay 6/6d costs and a dangerous dog order was brought against her.

Inspector H.A. Corney said that PC P. Cross saw two dogs barking at each other, but as he approached, one of the dogs ran onto the road. A bicycle was approaching, so the dog ran back on the pavement and bit the officer on the leg.

He saw Mrs G... and told her what had happened and asked her to keep her dog under control.

She replied "I do not know how to keep it under control. It is the first time it has ever done anything like this."

"PC Cross," went on Mr Wincour, "thinking that the dog was going to bite him, put his leg up to void it off. Then the dog, thinking that the policeman was going to kick it, bit him."


Morning's Minion said...

Oh my! This sounds like a typical, "But my child would never do THAT!"

Dartford Warbler said...

I love the way that Mr Wincour, "defending the dog", seems to be able to read its mind and know exactly what the dog was thinking!

Bovey Belle said...

This tickled me and I'm on the side of the dog - it was obviously under the impression that a boot was coming its way and defended itself!