Sunday, 15 November 2009

Something left....

After the storms of yesterday, a quiet peace. In the garden, an old cherry tree has lost its leaves overnight and the branches of horse chestnuts and the American oak are bare. Holly berries have fallen out of the hedgerows and are food for song thrushes and blackbirds. The grass is shining and wet, covered with leaves and sprouting small, rust-brown toadstools. There are still some trees in leaf and a few late flowers have survived the wind and rain.

Fatsia Japonica is in flower, with small ,round, composite blooms that resemble the flowers of our native ivy which is still attracting bees in the tall hedge.

A young acer shelters by the fence and has missed the full force of the wind.

The liquid amber has lost some leaves, but most still survive and they change colour by the day. This beautiful tree was planted by the family who previously lived here and is around twenty years old.


Morning's Minion said...

When I lived and gardened in New England I was always so grateful to find the last few flowers of the season. I remember how the stems felt cold in my already chilled fingers as I carried them inside to cherish.

Bovey Belle said...

Your beautiful garden is so much more colourful than mine. When we move . . . hopefully I might go somewhere with an established garden with some colourful shrubs for autumn.