Tuesday, 1 December 2009

First Frost

A fine, bright, first frost on the morning fields.Beeches are bare in the hedgerow but their wet , bronze leaves lie crisp underfoot. Yellow-brown oak leaves wait for the next wind . White ice crystals stand sparkling on fence rail and wooden gate.
Old Dog snuffles the thawing grass.Trotting, tail high, through bracken and over frozen puddles on the path. Sniffing clear, sharp air and ears alert for a distant bark from a farm dog on the hill .

Fingers of ice reach out over lawn and leaf.

In ungrazed pasture, drifts of frost-painted oak leaves lie where the north wind has left them. Sun lightens the grass. Mist rises as the thaw begins.


Bovey Belle said...

We had the first frost of the year here too. It was pretty cold most of the day but then we had some cold Welsh rain to chase it along and it's warmed up again this morning. I have decided that I don't DO cold anymore . . .

Morning's Minion said...

These are lovely photos. It is difficult for me to really appreciate cold weather, although there is still beauty to be found outdoors. Its putting on layers of clothes and lumbering about in the snow and wind that is the difficult part; and---riding the short distance to town when the heater has no chance to warm the interior of the car---and spending money for heating fuel---I could make quite a negative case for winter!