Thursday, 31 December 2009

Partial Eclipse of Full Moon Photo - from New Years Eve!

Tonight, New Year`s Eve 2010, there is a partial eclipse of a full moon ( a "Blue Moon" too, two full moons within a calendar month).

An eclipse of a full Blue moon on New Year`s Eve occurs once every ninety one years

This photo was taken at 7.30pm this evening. Half an hour ago. There is earth shadow falling upon the bottom right corner of the moon. A truly amazing sight. Thanks to my OH for going out in the cold with his camera and long lens!

Wishing all of you a happy New Year`s Eve and a healthy, peaceful year in 2010. May we all try to tread more lightly on our own beautiful planet in 2010 and in the years to come.


Kath said...

What an amazing photo, I love it. happy New Year best wishes Kath in Bucks

Leanne said...

wonderful, thank you!

I have some pics up on my blog now, but taken later, when the clouds cleared. I am pleased with them though, I shall be becoming an old lady when this happens again in 2028 lol, and maybe not so good with a camera lol'

happy new year!

leanne x

MrsL said...

Great photo; Happy New Year from me too.



Morning's Minion said...

I think everyone with a camera has been out to record this New Year's Eve moon.
The time zone differences always challenge my hazy understanding of celestial things, especially in traveling across the country. So, although I was outside [freezing cold!] at nearly 7:30 PM in Wyoming, hopefully in the UK sensible folk had already settled for a long winter's night.

Anonymous said...

I missed the eclipse and was very disappointed the moon wasn't actually blue! :)

You have some lovely pictures on your blog.

Happy New Year.

Bovey Belle said...

Thanks to your OH for this - I forgot all about it! Looks amazing. Perhaps marvellous once-in-a-blue-moon things will happen this month!