Friday, 2 March 2012

The Kingston Lacey`s Community Garden - Sharing the Land

Last spring, when we came to see the Kingston Lacey snowdrops, we were very impressed with the new project across the lane in the old Kitchen Gardens of the estate. The National Trust was planning to create over one hundred allotments to encourage local people and community groups to grow some of their own fruit and vegetables. The old Kitchen Gardens are the focus of the project and a large field alongside the gardens has been subdivided into allotments. This spring, it was so good to see many of the allotments in use and local gardeners were there, preparing their plots for sowing and planting when the weather improves.

A beautiful golden retriever in an estate cottage garden, came to the gate to inspect all the visitors.

A netted plot of winter brassicas.

A sign to celebrate the success of the project.

Work in progress on the allotments.

Two of the pigs who helped to turn over the soil when the allotments were first created.

An old grape vine growing along the wall of one of the Victorian glass houses.

Restored glasshouses and cold frames.

One of the original gardener`s sheds.

A picnic area encourages the growing sense of community among the allotment holders.

One of the old greenhouses, with fruit and vines still growing inside, awaits restoration.

It will be interesting to watch this project develop over the coming years. Already there are plots for local schools to cultivate as well as raised beds for disabled gardeners . Future plans include recreating an orchard and a pond.


Rowan said...

What a great idea, I do hope it's a success. Great to see that pigs were used to help prepare the ground too.

Down by the sea said...

What a wonderful place to have an allotment, and bring people together to rework the land. We had an allotment and everyone was always so friendly and helpful.
I also lived in a Head Gardeners Cottage and we had the walled garden. I find there always seems to be a special atmosphere in these places.

WOL said...

What a great idea. And with earth custom turned by pigs -!

Toffeeapple said...

What a marvellous project, so many people will benefit from it.

Love the pigs.

Isabelle said...

Sounds wonderful.

Why, after 22 years in this house, can I still more or less count my snowdrops on the fingers of a couple of hands? I almost know them by name...