Wednesday, 14 March 2012

These things I found......

....on a walk through the garden and down to the end of the fields.
Celandines shine through oak leaves on a patch of earth by the kitchen door.

At last, the daffodils are flowering.

Bluebells spears in a border. Behind them , ground elder is waking up to fight another year against Mr DW`s fork and spade.

In the field, a plastic bag has blown across the hedge from the Forest roadside.

A fox must have stolen Mr DW`s gardening glove. It is in the far field, a long way from the place it was last seen. I pick up the glove and smell the stink of fox.

A small stick monster emerges from a rabbit hole. I wonder how it arrived. I didn`t put it there.

Hazel catkins burst their yellow pollen into the breeze.

Oak buds swell.

Hedgerow elder leaves are opening.

Back in the warm, light greenhouse, lettuce seedlings sprout and turn their first green leaves towards the sun.


Morning's Minion said...

I am envious of your greenhouse--I had one many years ago--there is meant to be one here--'someday!'
I looked at new leaves today on what we call elderberry--I think its the same as your hedgerow elder--and the leaves are at about the same stage of developing.

helen tilston said...

Such beautiful symbols of Spring. The stick in the rabbit hole is a mystery and made me smile.


rachel said...

Isn't this just the loveliest time? Signs of Spring everywhere.

Aunt Jane's Attic said...

Its amazing what you can find on a walk, love the glove, a badger in our garden stole my husbands glove,we say Mr Bradshaws been again, also love the rabbit hole monster. Julie xxx

Bovey Belle said...

Time to put the cover back on my plastic greenhouse I think, as I am starting seeds off and will soon run out of room in the seed-stack and cold frames.

Celendines are so pretty. I have them in the border, but leave them to subside again till next year - they add a nice splash of colour so I treat them as hardy perennials!

I loved the Stick Monster emerging from his burrow!

The Weaver of Grass said...

Isn't it lovely to see everything waking up again? I think we all get excited about it - not least those lovely ponies.

Ragged Robin said...

Lovely to see all those signs of Spring. Spring seems to be "exploding" around here at the moment with something new to see each day. Love the stick monster!

Isabelle said...

Spring is lovely but why does bitter cress grow all winter...?

Down by the sea said...

I love you pictures, how wonderful spring is. I was amazed that the fox had taken the glove, I had never heard of that happening before.

ChrisJ said...

Celendines and catkins speak of spring!

crafty cat corner said...

Another Spring gets under way, isn't it amazing how nature can make you feel so good with just a few flowers and new leaves. And all the doom and gloom predictions of this and that but everything is as it should be isn't it?

Toffeeapple said...

A very inspiring post with lovely pictures.

I do like your rabit hole monster.

Goosey said...

Lovely signs of spring, we went for a walk and saw lots of primroses and celandine and even a few bluebells opening up.